The Premicanna brand is a young brand created by enthusiasts with years of experience working with cannabis.

Premicanna brand oil was made at negative temperatures, using a safe alcohol cryoextraction method that guarantees the extraction of a wide, diverse profile of phytonutrients found in the plant, which has a decisive impact on the therapeutic properties of the oil.

Thanks to advanced technological processes, we can guarantee you the pharmaceutical quality of the final product.

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The oils contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids (including acidic forms), terpenes, and all other valuable phytonutrients found in the plant, while remaining highly stable and bioavailable.

Thanks to cooperation with experts who use cannabis in clinical practice, we select only those cannabis varieties that have proven themselves in medical prophylaxis and combine them according to the formulas of our more experienced colleagues. Therefore, the inflorescences used for extraction come mainly from foreign indoor crops and Polish greenhouse plantations. The aforementioned plantations are sown from certified seed, meeting the highest European and world requirements.