CBD gels

Gels containing CBD (cannabidiol) are a very convenient form of CBD supplementation - they are tasty, discreet and easy to dispense in the right dose. Thus, they are a good alternative for people who do not like the specific, slightly bitter taste of CBD oils. Dosing with a pipette can also give the impression of being inaccurate, making it sometimes cumbersome - with jelly, this problem goes away.

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Jellybeans should be chewed for a while (not swallowed!), which will help in better absorption of substances and allow you to enjoy their strawberry sweet taste. Before consumption, make sure that there are no allergenic or prohibited substances in the composition for individual consumers, such as gluten, which can be harmful with intolerance to this ingredient.

As with any product , it is important to remember that CBD jellies will never replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, they can only support them.

Sweet CBD Jellybeans do not contain THC, and thus do not affect driving or working. However, it is worth keeping in mind their possible relaxing effect and making sensible decisions, as you would when including any supplement in your diet.

They should also be kept in a sealed container, out of the reach of small children.