Roller ELEMENTS KS 5m + case


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An exceptional product! ELEMENTS KING SIZE BILLETS, but in a roll 5m long and 4.5cm wide !

This variant of Elements blotter is made of very thin rice paper. There is a water mark on the blotter in the shape of crossed lines, due to which it burns slowly and evenly, as well as a thin strip of sugar glue, which, once the joint is twisted, prevents it from unrolling.

The roll comes in a plastic package that protects the tissue paper from dirt and tearing, while keeping it fresh. The packaging also has special teeth that make it easy to cut the blotter. The Elements blotters burn without leaving any ash. The only exception is with a narrow line of sugar glue, which caramelizes while smoking.

Each package contains 5m of roll

Build a twist of any size!

It is possible to buy the cartridge itself - check our other auctions! Also many other interesting products :)))


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