Cosmos - CBDA Hemp Dry ~ 6.5% - Hemp Buch.

42,74 104,49 

POLISH product.
BIO Standard. Global GAP, HACCP, GACP.

Fresh, resinous dried content THCA < 0.29%. Collection of 2022. rich in CBDA: 6,68% and interestingly enough, has as much as 0.73% CBGA - This is a very unusual variety.

Cannabinoid content

THCA: 0,29%

CBDA: 6,68%

CBGA: 0,73%

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INTEGRA will protect against the loss of what you love - terpenes, aroma and flavor effect.

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B-pinene 140

(1S)-(+)-3-Carene <10

D-Limonen 663

p-Cymene <10

A-Terpinolene 26

Linalool 432

(+)-Borneol <10

(1S)-(-)-Camphor <10

(-)-alpha-Terpineol 156

Geraniol <10

trans-Caryophyllene 1131

cis-Nerolidol <10

beta-Eudesmol 1002

Phytol 218

Myrcene 526

Cosmos - CBDA Hemp Dry ~ 6.5% - Hemp Buch.



At Konopny Buch we always stand for the highest quality, so our products have all the certificates: POLISH Product. BIO standard. Global GAP, HACCP, GACP. - With us there is no room for compromise, health holy thing!



- Legal product from certified seeds, in the standard POLISH Product. BIO standard. Global GAP, HACCP, GACP.
THC Less than 0.35%, no intoxication effect
- 100% natural, full certification
- Trim/hand picking



We are committed to ensuring that you fully enjoy the quality and flavor of our dried product, which is why the product includes Integra's moisture regulating sachet. This is a novelty on the market, which guarantees that the tops stay in great condition for a long time!

Available in weights: 2G/4G/6G


Cannabis Sativa L.

CBD/CBG dried is not a psychoactive substance. Legal product, approved for marketing in the EU.

Product intended for vaporization / aromatherapy. Product not for smoking, not for consumption.

Once the package is opened/the seal is broken, we are not responsible for the contents.

Following the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 2015/2283 of the European Parliament and of the Council of November 25, 2015 on novel foods (...) Official Journal of the EU L 327 of 11.12.2015, p. 1.), pending the resolution of the issue at the EU level, we inform you that dried flowers from hemp seed are intended for external use only.

Additional information

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2g, 4g, 6g

12 reviews for Kosmos – Susz Konopny CBDA ~ 6,5% – Konopny Buch

  1. R4zor (verified owner) -

    Strongly resinous dry, aroma as well as taste is pure sweetness 🙂
    Activity ideal for active relaxation among nature
    You can feel the naturalness of the product.

  2. Green420 -

    Exquisite Polish premium drought, simply Cosmos!
    Read more about it on my blog:

    I encourage you to read 😀

  3. hempbuch -

    tryvapingcannabis: I would like to introduce you to the new dried CBD "Cosmos" from @konopnybuch 💚

  4. The Eaten Rooster -

    A really great dryer. Beautiful appearance, great taste and smell, and relaxing effect.
    For more, please visit here:

  5. Dejvidson (verified owner) -

    Great aromatic dried . You open the box and what do you smell ? For me the smell of skunk and lime, resinous sensationally trimmed springy .... action hmmm... like most dries relaxation and relaxation. The overwhelming thoughts disappear in my case where I started to get anxiety and depression through alcohol in the past I found solace in cbd and it was the right choice... HORSE BUCH is one of those sites where I will visit more often. 😉😊🥰

  6. Mariusz Wąchała -

    Temptingly resinous
    Insanely aromatic
    Effectively calming
    Strongly relaxing
    Refreshingly delicious
    One hundred percent natural

    in a word - KOSMOS 💚

  7. morphisone -

    Space - the last frontier, the crew of our ship follows with an exploration mission, learns about new alien worlds and civilizations, boldly goes where no man has gone ! Simply Cosmos 😉 🙂

  8. Bartholomew Ball (verified owner) -

    Great quality, the dryness even sticky. Excellent flavor during vaporization, very much vapor. Super mute.

  9. Askalon (verified owner) -

    I will say briefly - space. And now longer - before that I bought on allegro I don't know what, something to start with and thought it was ok. But it was a placebo, which I found out after the first cosmic gushes. The dryness is sensational. It smells wonderful, tastes and works. After it I am a better person 🙂

  10. Pawel Guzylak -

    good value for money, natural like uninfused good quality dried, feel the terpenes meaning it is fresh, calms and energizes 😉

  11. hubchm (verified owner) -

    Wytrymowany jest całkiem dobrze, choć nieidealnie, ale ogólnie nie ma do czego się przyczepić, jeżeli chodzi o wygląd. Zapach po rozkruszeniu jest świetny, naturalny, ja wyczuwam świeże cytrusy wymieszane z konopnym zapachem, jeden z lepiej pachnących suszy jakie testowałem. Topki są miękkie, ale jednocześnie mocno żywiczne. Jeżeli chodzi o wydajność, to z fenixa mini, z jednej nabitej komory, wychodziło gdzieś ok. 5-6 sporych buchów. W smaku również jest bardzo przyjemny, mnie osobiście nie drapał w gardło. Działanie też jest świetne i wyczuwalne, rozluźnienie, wyciszenie, poprawa nastroju, ale jednocześnie nie jest to zamulacz, czy usypiacz tylko wręcz przeciwnie, dodaje energii. Podsumowując w kilku prostych słowach, jest to naturalny susz premium, który serdecznie polecam.

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