Djinn's Candy 500 MG CBD - Mint | Strawberry


Djinn's Candy are candies with CBD manufactured using the artisanal method.

Taste: Mint or strawberry

Power: 500 MG CBD

Vegan product

Natural product

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Djinn has created for you another Treasure:

Here's Djinn's Candy Mint, or mint candy Djinna!

Djinn's Candy This is your moment to smile sweetly.

If the taste of oil CBDjinn is too intense for you then Djinn's Candy was created with you in mind.

Djinn's Candy created from a combination of hand-crafted candy and strong extract of Lublin hemp seed.

The entire package of candy contains, up to 500 MG CBD of Full Spectrum extract, the equivalent of an entire 10 ml bottle of 5% oil.

Can you smell the mint?

Djinn's Candy you will feel so much more!

Djinn's Candy Comes in 3 different flavors:

  • Mint
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry

Check out the other flavors as well!

Are you ready for instant relaxation?

Djinn's Candy Will lead you into a sweet rapture!

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Mint, Strawberry


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