CBD oil for dog and cat Full Spectrum 3% 10ml


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CBD oils are some of the most effective and widely used natural remedies for pets today! They perfectly support emotional calming and stress reduction in both cats and dogs. They have a wide range of additional health-promoting properties to keep dogs and cats in top shape.

How does it work ?

  • Calms, reduces stress and hypersensitivity to bang (New Year's Eve night), flash (violent thunderstorms) and city noises (engine whirring or horns)
  • Quiets aggression to other dogs/cats and minimizes hyperactivity on heat,
  • calms the dog at home, reduces canine separation anxiety and promotes proper sleep,
  • Supports in inflammation and pain and naturally strengthens immunity,
  • Improves circulatory function, supports the brain and heart function,
  • safe for the heart, stomach, kidneys or intestines - does not cause indigestion and diarrhea.

CBD oil helps effectively influence the animal's temperament - calming aggression towards other males (or females), minimizing hyperactivity and reducing disobedience and the need for independence.

In cats, the oil promotes calmness during the March period. It reduces arousal, can effectively prevent nighttime running to the window, loud meowing throughout the night and cat's problems with sleep and increased aggression.



- Cold-pressed salmon oil, fiber hemp extract (CBD)

Analytical composition: saturated acids 19,89%, unsaturated acids 45,11%, omega 3 acids 27,16%, omega 6 acids 5,82%, polyunsaturated acids 32,98%, fiber hemp extract - 3%

The active substances contained in the oil not only improve circulatory function (better heart function), but also support the brain and the proper functioning of major organs.

CBD oil is a natural product, so it is completely safe for your pet. It does not affect the stomach, kidneys or intestines - it does not cause indigestion and does not cause diarrhea.

How to use CBD oil for animals?

We apply the oil with a pipette, either directly or as a feed additive.


  • Oil 3% - 1 drop per 1kg of body weight
  • Oil 6% - 1 drop per 2kg of body weight
  • Oil 9% - 1 drop per 3kg of body weight


Store in a dry and dark place. After opening, store additionally in a cool place.


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