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What is medical marijuana?

  • What is medical marijuana? 
  • The difference between medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana
  • Medical marijuana – for whom and how to get a prescription? 
  • The process of registering for an e-visit with a doctor 
  • Activities of the Hemp Clinic

What is medical marijuana? 

Medical marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.) is a species of plant from the hemp family. The therapy uses dried female inflorescences, which contain the main active substances THC and CBD. Thanks to the content of over 100 active cannabinoids - compounds that affect the system cannabinoid in the human body, allows you to alleviate the symptoms of many diseases and pain of various origins, which may have a positive impact on the quality of life of patients. 

It has many proven properties and has much fewer side effects than traditional medicines. What ingredients are responsible for the effects of medical marijuana and how exactly does it affect the body? Above all THC and CBD. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect of medical marijuana, which is safe when used in appropriate doses and concentrations. 

THC has strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and regulates tension. In turn, the role CBD is to eliminate the psychoactive effect THC to the appropriate level, regulates sleep, and also has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties.

The difference between medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana

Medicinal cannabis is grown only in certified centers and under strict supervision of institutions appropriate for a given country. Medical marijuana, in addition to high levels of THC, also contains high concentrations of other cannabinoids. These include CBN, CBD, CBG, CBC, THCV. 

The difference in composition between medical and recreational marijuana is important. In most cases, recreational grass is contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals from the soil due to rapid cultivation in conditions that leave much to be desired. In addition, black market marijuana may contain drug mixtures, synthetic cannabinoids of unknown origin, sugar, mold, talc, or small glass shavings.

Medical marijuana – for whom and how to get a prescription? 

Currently, there is no official list of diseases that could qualify a patient for treatment with medical marijuana, it is a very individual matter and depends on many different factors. However, there are many ailments in which medical marijuana therapy could be helpful. 

Such ailments include mainly: pain of various origins, inflammation, severe migraines, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, negative side effects occurring during cancer treatment. Medical marijuana can be obtained by any patient who, after an interview with a doctor, has been qualified as a person for whom therapy could bring the desired effects and positively influence the patient's treatment and who has received a prescription from a doctor. 

The process of registering for a visit with a doctor 

The process of registering for an appointment is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Registration and visits take place entirely online, which is an additional convenience for patients who value their time or for those for whom access to medical facilities may be problematic. 

One of the medical entities specializing in hemp therapy that has been operating on the market for a long time is 

On the home page in click the "Book an appointment" button and select a convenient consultation date and fill in your personal data and ailment form. A specialist doctor will contact the patient on the previously selected date. After the visit, the patient receives the prescription by e-mail and the prescription code is sent via text message. 

Activities of the Hemp Clinic 

The hemp clinic is one of the largest clinics providing medical marijuana therapy services in Poland. Its goal is to provide services at the highest level and an individual approach to each patient everyone felt safe and could find relief from their ailments using individually selected medical marijuana therapy by one of the specialists.

What is medical marijuana?
What is medical marijuana?

Marijuana is a plant that arouses a lot of discussion and often extreme opinions and emotions. In Poland, since 2017, medical marijuana has been completely legal as a prescription drug. Numerous scientific studies have proven that hemp can be widely used in medicine due to having a number of medicinal and therapeutic properties. Its therapeutic effects are primarily influenced by the two main active ingredients from the group cannabinoids – THC and CBD

There are several varieties of medical marijuana available in Poland, which, when selected individually by a doctor, should bring the expected results in treatment. Depending on the combination of active substances, a given variety of the drug will have a stimulating effect (this effect is typical for sativa strains) or a relaxing effect (typical for indica strains). 

The most common diseases reported by patients of the Hemp Clinic are:

Pain of various origins

The analgesic properties of medical cannabis are not limited to one type of pain relief - they can minimize the sensation of various types of pain - from headaches, muscle and joint pain to spine pain or other pain accompanying patients after accidents


Currently, a common problem and called the disease of the XNUMXst century is depression. The fast pace of life, the multitude of responsibilities, stress and an uncertain future make the fight against depression one of the priorities. Medical marijuana works similarly to antidepressants, restoring the balance between neurotransmitters. 


Medicinal marijuana has a soothing effect on anxiety and stress. It also has relaxing properties. The endocannabinoid system receptors present in the human body are directly or indirectly related to the processes occurring in the endocrine and nervous systems, which are responsible for the physiological response to stress.


Relieving severe headaches and migraines with medical marijuana is a well-known practice. Medical marijuana is a safe solution for many patients, allowing them to reduce strong painkillers that do not produce the desired effects.

Sleep disturbance 

Scientific research shows that cannabinoids found in marijuana can stimulate natural brain activity, regulate the biological clock and ensure better sleep. Medical marijuana has a positive effect on being in a state of deep sleep, which is the most important for our body due to regeneration.

Sports injuries and muscle pain

Cannabinoids have strong anti-inflammatory effects, and most chronic pain symptoms are caused by inflammation. For this reason, many sports groups advocate the use of medical marijuana, which has a significant effect on relieving pain in athletes and is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. 

Currently, there is no official and closed list of diseases that could qualify a patient for medical marijuana treatment; it is a very individual issue and depends on many different factors. However, there are many ailments in which medical marijuana therapy could be helpful. In addition to those mentioned above, medical marijuana therapy alleviates side effects occurring during cancer treatment, sleep disorders, seizures, anorexia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, muscle and joint inflammation, glaucoma, anxiety attacks, Parkinson's disease, asthma and many others. 

If you are not sure whether you qualify for medical marijuana treatment, you can make a free qualification at 


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